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Hines Mansion

Inn History

Russell Spencer Hines and his wife Kitty built this mansion in 1895 with money acquired from his local mining, business, and real estate ventures. The home is believed to have been designed by Utah architect Richard Kletting, who also designed the Utah State Capitol building. According to historical records, the Mansion was built as a showplace during Provo's recovery from a major boom-and-bust period in the area's early economic history. One of the first homes built by Provo's first generation gentry, the Hines Mansion is among Utah County's most historic residential landmarks.

The Utah Heritage Foundation presented an award of merit to Douglas K. Hardy for his renovation of the structure between 1975 and 1978. During that three year period the first level wings were added, and the cupola, a representation of the original, was rebuilt after being removed several years earlier.

In November 1995, Gene and Sandi Henderson purchased and remodeled the Mansion as a nine-bedroom bed and breakfast. Many of the new rooms have distinctive turn-of-the-century style.

Sandy and John Rowe acquired the property in 2002. For the next 12 years, they continued the Hines Mansion's tradition of quality, service, and hospitality. In July 2015, the Rowes retired, selling the mansion to its current owners, Kyle and Michelle Schick.

After more than one hundred years as one of Provo's most luxurious homes, an apartment house, various restaurants, an antique boutique, and various other uses, the Mansion continues to be a vital part of the unique heritage of downtown Provo. Built in 1895, this 120-year-old home has been meticulously restored to its original glory.  Join us and find out what makes the Hines Mansion so special.


383 West 100 South
Provo, Utah 84601


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